16 Other Songs To Listen To If You Love The New Beyoncé Album

So you liked the new Beyoncé album, huh? Here are some recommendations for jams that sound like your new favorite Bey anthem.

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1. Then try Kacey Musgraves' "Follow Your Arrow."

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This country jam is all about being and loving yourself. Kacey points out simple contradictions in ordinary ways, like, "If you can't lose the weight / Then you're just fat / But if you lose too much / Then you're on crack." It's a song of a simple message (without being cloying) that Beyoncé would get behind.

2. It's pretty similar to Lauryn Hill's song that came out this year.

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Quick rapping with a seemingly endless flow, filled with barbs against the music industry — these two have more in common than you might imagine. Imagine how earth-shattering a Lauryn/Beyoncé collaboration would be?

3. You should get into Jessie Ware.

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Jessie Ware's album Devotion is one of the sleeper smashes of this year. "Night Light" has a lot of the dark power that's put on display in "Haunted." Don't sleep on that video either: It's a beautiful black-and-white masterpiece.

4. Look no further than Bey's BFF Kelly.

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Her duet with Future is equally synth-y and enjoyable. Plus, listening to Kelly is always a treat. Needs more "surfbort" though.

5. But force yourself to take a break with Mykki Blanco.

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"Ace Bougie Chick" is a jam that will provide enough steady grooves to get you through, or at least until you get home so you can turn that cherry out. Mykki Blanco can get just as much roller disco ass as B can.

6. Wet's "No Lie" will do the trick.

This song has the same minimalist warbling that Bey uses on her track. It's pretty awesome how Wet's singer Kelly Zutrau shifts straight into power mode for the song's hook. Something the versatile B would be proud of.

7. Allow Cassie and Nicki Minaj to handle that earworm for you.

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Their duet, "Fuck You Silly," is just as raunchy as "Yoncé," and just a little bit longer. Don't miss Nicki's second verse, where she asks for some "brain to boost her IQ." Dear Beyoncé: Please resurrect Cassie's career. You're her only hope.

8. No, so listen to Temi DollFace's "Pata Pata" instead.

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This spectacular song from Nigerian singer Temi DollFace is about women not being afraid to put their sexual needs first and not conforming to feminine archetypes. It's an anthem Beyoncé could really groove to and about as close as you can get to the p-popping power of "Partition." Bonus: The music video is also super similar to Bey's spectacular "Why Don't You Love Me" video.

9. Then RaVaughn's "Best Friend" is what you should play next.

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Okay so it's about a very different relationship misunderstanding, but RaVaughn's "Best Friend" is one of the best confessional songs of the year. With a similarly rising hook and a sense of determination only a woman scorned could be capable of, this song is its best match. Give it a chance.

10. Let Janelle Monáe get you past foreplay.

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This cut from The Electric Lady features Miguel, one of the writers of "Rocket." That hook is just too sexy. It's one of the other great bedroom jams of the year.

11. I think a Britney deep cut is right for you.

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"Why Should I Be Sad," The Neptunes–produced closer to her masterpiece Blackout, is a hidden gem. There are a lot of great songs on Blackout, but this one has a lot of the angst Bey has on "Mine." Pharrell's assist doesn't come close to touching Drake, but what can you do.

12. Continue that fantasy with Frank Ocean's version of "Strawberry Swing."

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Frank Ocean recorded his own version of Coldplay's "Strawberry Swing" for his 2011 mixtape Nostalgia Ultra. "XO" pretty much sounds like Coldplay blended with Frank Ocean already, so why not just accept that reality? This song is just pure bliss.

13. Then keep moving those hands to "Without Me."

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This jam should should have been a much bigger hit. Fantasia lets her man know "you would never be without me," with the help of two of the most powerful females in the game — Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott (!!!). This song is flawless with three stars.

14. Chance The Rapper's "Lost" will make you feel the same way.

Beyoncé's duet with Frank Ocean is a slow jam about the intense power of love. This cut from Chance The Rapper's mixtape Acid Rap is the same tale from a younger perspective. Nothing's more powerful than the all-consuming puppy love. Noname Gypsy lends a hand with a stunning verse of her own. Love is real people.

15. Dawn Richard's "Goldenheart" is another beautiful piano ballad.

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The reason "Heaven" works so well is that it's completely stripped down. "Goldenheart" is similarly bare, and Richard's voice is absolutely great. Diddy's former protégé samples Claude Debussy's "Clair de Lune" and totally goes for it. It's gorgeous.

16. Then K. Michelle's "A Mother's Prayer" will mess you up in the same way.

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This is a tender mother-to-son song that will destroy your tear ducts. K. Michelle dedicated this one to her son Chase. The hook begins: "Last night I prayed on a fallen star that you never have a broken heart / Though the world is cold, please remember who you are." Cue the waterworks.

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