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Here's Everything We Know About HBO's "Looking" From The First Trailer

Lots of beards.

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HBO has released the first trailer for Looking.

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The show revolves around three friends in San Francisco. There aren't that many details known about the show, except that it's about modern gay men. One of the show's stars, Jonathan Groff, told Buzzfeed that the show is grounded, honest, and sexually frank. Here's what we can learn from the trailer.

Cruising is a thing that will happen.

HBO / Via

The show is called Looking, after all. There are no bathhouses in San Francisco because of health codes, so that scene has to take place in Berkeley.

The characters will use online dating.


There are no mentions of Grindr or any location based dating apps in the trailer, but it would be surprising if they didn't pop up every so often.

Check out the trailer for yourself.

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