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    Four Chileans Given Heavy Sentences For Brutal Murder Of Gay Man

    The victim of the murder, Daniel Zamudio, has become known as "Chile's Matthew Shepard."

    Four men in Chile have been sentenced for the high profile murder of gay man Daniel Zamudio.

    Patricio Ahumada Garay, the lead aggressor, was given life in prison. Other men involved in the murder, Alejandro Angulo and Raúl López, were given 15 year sentences and Fabián Mora Mora was given a seven year sentence.

    The four men assaulted Zamudio in a Santiago park last year. After hours of beating him with bottles, they broke Zamudio's leg with a heavy stone, and then carved swastikas into his body with shards of the broken glass. He died in the hospital 25 days later.

    The brutal attack struck a chord with Chileans and forced the government to take action on hate crime legislation that had laid dormant for several years.

    At their conviction hearing earlier this month, Judge Juan Carlos Urrutia said the four killers showed "total disrespect for human life."

    Rolando Jimenez, president of Chile's Gay Liberation and Integration Movement told Cooperativa radio that "Angulo and Lopez should have also received life in prison." He also voiced his frustration with the court for not trying the four men under "aggravated circumstances," which would have made their crime fall under hate crime law.