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    Drake Reveals He's A Beyoncé Fan And That He's Worked On Her New Album

    "Beyoncé is the voice of all females in life," he said.

    It's an accepted truth that Beyoncé is our lord and savior...

    The holy spirit...

    The one true queen.

    And anyone with a brain knows that Drake is an emo heartthrob king...

    With a killer smile...

    And the emotional intensity of our world's finest thinkers.

    This summer Drake released "Girls Love Beyoncé," which features a flip on Destiny's Child's "Say My Name."

    But what would happen if they teamed up in the studio and made some music together?

    It would be a meeting of the minds that the world has never known.

    Fortunately, there is hope for us mere mortals!

    Drake was interviewed by Elliot Wilson at NYU on Sunday.

    BuzzFeed / Via Aylin Zafar

    The talk was part of Wilson's CRWN interview series which is presented by Myspace. The video will be uploaded online in three parts — the first episode airs Wednesday, with parts two and three coming out on Thursday and Friday.

    They covered a lot of topics, but nothing was as important as when Drake confessed he's suffering from Beyhydration.

    MTV / Via

    He needs new Beyoncé music in his life like we all do.

    Drake said that "Poundcake," his collaboration with Jay Z, came about while he was writing material for Beyoncé's new album.

    "Writing WITH Beyoncé...She's got bars!," he quickly added.

    He said that "even though Beyoncé would be mad at him" for saying this, he's been begging her to put out new stuff.

    "Beyoncé is the voice of all females in life," he said.


    He is a true believer in King Bey.

    Bey and Drizzy.

    Buda Mendes / Getty Images
    GETTY / Sonia Recchia/WireImage

    Together at last.

    Of course, we're not sure if we'll ever get to hear this sweet music because Bey hasn't given us so much as a release date for her fifth album. / Via

    Please Beyoncé, give us some new music soon!