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    21 Reasons You Should Give Drake A Chance To Break Your Heart

    Drake's relationships never end well, but you should really give Drizzy a fair chance. There are a lot of upsides to dating Mr. OVO.

    1. He's really good with kids.

    2. He has extremely cool friends.

    3. He's a really great dancer.

    Especially when he was a little kid.

    4. He gives really good hugs.

    5. When Drake was a young actor, he played Marius in a local youth theater production of Les Miserables.

    6. Your Jewish mom will be very happy you're dating within the tribe.

    7. That smile.


    9. He's really fun to be around.

    10. You get to pretend to be a fireman on his in-home stripper pole.

    11. He has the best sense of style. Who else could rock drop-waist leather sweatpants?

    12. Or big glasses with blue lenses?

    He sports ensembles your grandpa in Miami would be jealous of.

    He has the coziest looking sweaters of all time.

    13. He knows how to cook.

    14. All good Canadian boys are taught to worship the queen...

    ...and all other royalty that they should happen to meet.

    15. He loves dogs.

    16. You'll be really smiley if he gives you a kiss on the cheek.

    17. He's really good at soccer.

    18. And hockey too.

    19. He's really good at math.

    20. He knows how to do cool things with hookah smoke.

    21. Like any good partner, he'll support you through all of your highs and lows.

    Still not convinced?