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18 Things All Singers Will Understand

To Sing, Or Not To Sing.

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1. Having to go on vocal rest

2. And trying your hardest not to sing anything

3. Having a scarf collection to keep the throat warm.....even if it isn't cold

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4. Ginger, Honey, Lemon and Hot Water are your best friends

5. Not knowing which song to sing when someone puts you on the spot

6. Singing your sneeze

7. Being intrigued by how low your voice can go when it's hoarse

8. Belting songs in the privacy of your house when no is home

9. Or in an empty room with good the bathroom

10. Then realizing you are not alone

11. Making weird noises to warm up your voice

12. Changing the key of songs

13. Always harmonizing with songs

14. Or with fellow singers

15. Or with any random sound that last more than 30 seconds

16. Noticing changes in your voice from one day to the next

17. Not being able to "playfully" sing when asked to do Karaoke

18. Pretending to be on stage giving a full concert in your room

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