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12 Types Of Photos That Can Jeopardize Your Job

Nobody's perfect, but... Next time you pose for a photo, consider if it'd be better to #keepitpersonal.

1. The type that shows your real dedication is to music:

2. The type where the driver of the party bus tells you he's about to turn this thing around and go home:

3. The type where you are making Halloween a little weird for everyone else:

4. The type where you're almost too hydrated:

5. The type where you are confused about the kind of balls the people at the baseball game are there to see:

6. The type where you're getting a little too much help from your friends:

7. The type where you take something that doesn't belong to you:

8. The type where you're using a place that is not a bathroom as a bathroom:

9. (That last one is not to be confused with this kind, which is the kind where you confuse the bathroom for the bedroom):

10. The type where your beers are literally "open containers":

11. The type where you recreate the wrong childhood photo:

12. And the type where you have given up trying to be discreet: