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    See Photos Of The First Dog Fashion Week In The US, FURshion Week

    Omaha FURshion Week, a whole week dedicated to dog fashion took place in Omaha this past weekend and it was filled with ridiculous, yet awesome events.

    The dog-friendly city of Omaha hosted its first Dog Fashion Week and it was ridiculously awesome.

    Celebrations were held all week, but the main event took place this past Saturday on June 4th, 2016 in Midtown Crossing Turner Park.

    20 dog models took the stage.

    Sneha Rai

    Hundreds of dog model contestants entered to become one of twenty Omaha Top Models that strutted the "dog walk" on Saturday. 7 Designers, including nationally known award winners, competed to take the top designer prize.

    Interview with Red Carpet reporters.

    Sneha Rai

    Attendees were greeted at the red carpet with two official reporters from DogE TV. They were asked about their outfits and how they prepared for this event. The dogs had a lot to say.

    Zoey the Pug showed up in her Escalade.

    Sneha Rai

    This remote controlled car for Zoey zoomed around the entire event with her comfortably in tow.

    Doug the Doodle donned the Motorcycle vibe.

    Sneha Rai

    Doug portraying his #badass persona by rocking an original jean jacket and scarf by designer Maggie Fisher.

    While Henri wore a smart oxford shirt with yellow piping.

    Sneha Rai

    Henri the Labradoodle striking a "paws" for the audience. Design by Sierra Morris-Fuchs.

    The winning designer, Valerie St. Pierre created a Shakespearean outfit for dog model, Cooper.

    Sneha Rai

    Cooper looking stunning in this original design by Valerie St. Pierre.

    Piper the Poodle stole the show in her Pretty in Pink ensemble.

    Sneha Rai

    Piper wore an original Ruff Lauren and was accented with her pink leg puffs and painted nails. Photographers couldn't get enough.

    Creators of Omaha FURshion Week,, think the event was a howling success!

    Sneha Rai

    Jeannie North and Leah Thrasher of (a web app that tells you places you can bring your dog) hosted Omaha FURshion Week to make the city of Omaha more dog-friendly by funding more waste stations and improving dog parks.

    Winnie and Henri can't wait for next year.

    Lianna Ng

    Dog models, Winnie and Henri, are confident they will win model spots for next year. Good luck guys!

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