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    People Are Saying Spotify Wrapped Is "Calling Everyone Gay," And It's Actually Hilarious

    If you or a loved one was called "gay" by Spotify Wrapped, you may be entitled to hilarious social media recognition.

    It's that time of the year again, when Spotify Wrapped takes over our social media.

    A woman checking her phone while holding a mug with a Spotify thought bubble coming out of it

    This year hit differently when Spotify introduced "Sound Towns," which told everyone what city had similar music tastes to theirs, and almost everybody got one of three US cities: Berkeley, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts; or Burlington, Vermont.

    Spotify's "And one place listened just like you" screen

    Twitter: @brokebackstan

    When it was jokingly pointed out that getting one of these three cities means "you're gay," I was ready to be offended, but then I got Berkeley. As a proud bisexual person, I was like, "Okay, maybe you right."

    Folks took the joke further and pointed out that beyond the "Sound Towns," Spotify had a dozen different ways of basically calling everyone gay, and they're too hilarious not to mention.

    Perhaps you received a personal message where they explicitly say the "worst part of having Boygenius in your Spotify Wrapped" is "telling your family you're gay."

    Spotify / Via Twitter: @bridgersmescal

    Or maybe you got a shoutout from Troye Sivan, which means you managed to stream his month-old queer-forward album more than anything else for the entire year.

    Spotify / Via Twitter: @MarshallGradyT

    I'm so happy to know I'm not alone. Here are more of the funniest tweets about Spotify Wrapped, basically telling everyone they're gay.

    Twitter: @SVRCMPL3X

    Twitter: @raspberhrriies

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