Shawn Mendes Released A New Song About The Canadian Wildfires, And People Are Having Really Strong Reactions

    "Oh God, this is Shawn Mendes’ 'We Are The World' isn’t it?"

    Shawn Mendes released a surprise new single, and it's receiving a lot of attention — some good and a lot bad.

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    On Thursday, the 24-year-old Canadian singer announced on Twitter and Instagram that he was dropping a new song, "What the Hell Are We Dying For?," at midnight.

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    The single artwork was a recognizable image for everybody in Canada and the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Midwest US experiencing the wildfire smoke, and it received a lot of mixed reactions.

    A barely visibly skyline due the smoke and haze with the words What The Hell Are We Dying For? written across the image

    The Lyle, Lyle Crocodile star shared a snippet of the single along with a caption that read, "Started writing this song yesterday morning with my friends in upstate New York & finished it only a few hours ago...felt so important to me to share with you guys in real time."

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    And yes, if you're wondering, the writing-buddy friends he is talking about are the "Smoothie Squad" from this infamous photo a while back.

    Although Shawn included that he's "also donating to the Canadian Red Cross," a lot of people still had negative reactions to the single and album artwork for the song.

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    Other users even accused Shawn of using the song as a metaphor to sing about his relationship with Camila Cabello.

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    While some users came to Shawn's defense, citing this is nothing new because he's always been vocal about climate change.

    are you all mad at him for?? shawn mendes ALWAYS cared about climate change, he always donated, and showed he cares through art too, he never cared about charts, plus it can give more visibility to what is happening and more people can help.

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    Check out the song and lyrics here:

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