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    Nia Long Is Happy To Announce She's "So Single" And "Wearing Her Old Jeans Again"

    She's winning.

    Nia Long is proudly single, and she's living her best life.

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    The You People star had a rough year in 2022 when her relationship with Ime Udoka was put on blast in the worst way.

    Now, the 52-year-old actor is a single woman and keeping her cards close to her chest.

    Nia Long on the red carpet

    On a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the Missing actor shared how she's nervous to start dating again. However, she's definitely interested in someone out there. "I have my eye on one person," Nia said. "I'm not saying. I'm never telling."

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    Drew responded that she loves dating, to which Nia replied, "You do? I'm so nervous." Rightfully so, she just ended a 13-year relationship.

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    The ladies got to chatting about "the dating apps" with Drew saying, "Everyone's running home to the app. I don't want to be rejected in public. I'll do it in private."

    Drew Barrymore and Nia Long

    Nia made it perfectly clear that she is "so single," which definitely shuts down any recent rumors about her and a famous R&B singer.

    Nia Long and Omarion

    Recently, Omarion shared a video of them holding hands at the You People premiere, and gossip sites started creating suspicion about them possibly dating.

    But, of course, Nia quickly squashed those rumors.

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    When asked what type of relationship she's seeking, Nia responded, "I'm still processing. I feel very free. I feel liberated. I feel like a whole weight was lifted off of me in a way."

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    "It’s so good, like I’m wearing my old jeans again," Nia added. "It’s good. … Here’s what I’ll say. I’ll say I gotta be careful who I stand next to on a red carpet because I’ve dated, like, five or six people that I don’t even know their middle name. I’m, like, 'How is this my boyfriend? Wow, this is very interesting. I don’t even know this guy’s middle name.'"

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    I'm wishing single Nia all the best as she enters this new chapter of her life!

    Watch the hilarious interview here!

    Drew Barrymore and Nia Long