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Fans Are Reacting To "Ned's Declassified" Stars Revealing Which Shocking Sexual Act They Tried Multiple Times

"They should've kept this classified."

I will never look at Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide the same way again.

The cast of "Ned's Declassified"

Recently, on the Ned's Declassified Podcast Survival Guide, the series' stars Devon Werkheiser and Lindsey Shaw addressed their "intimate relationship" and ultimately snatched away whatever innocence remained in the show's memory.

I always enjoyed Ned's Declassified because it reminded me of my friend group in high school. Also, everyone at my predominantly white high school HAD to let me know I remind them of Simon "Cookie" Nelson-Cook (played Daniel Curtis Lee). But Cookie was great — so no hate there.

Besides Cookie, there was also Ned Bigby (played by Devon).

And Jennifer "Moze" Mosely (played by Lindsey).

Now, poor Cookie, aka Daniel, had to awkwardly sit alongside his podcast cohosts during this latest episode as they rehashed a few naughty moments from their past, and it was a mouthful.

Daniel yelling "No!"

The trio casually discussed masturbation when suddenly Lindsey attempted to ask Devon if he "remembers the first xyz..." trying her best to be discreet.

Closeup of Lindsey Shaw, Devon Werkheiser, and Daniel Curtis Lee

Devon knew where the conversation was headed, asking her, "What are you going to ask on this podcast? What are you going to ask on this public podcast, Lindsey?"

Closeup of Devon Werkheiser

Lindsey kept vaguely prying, prompting Devon to shockingly blurt out, "Which one, Lindsey?"

"Which one, Lindsey?"

And finally, she spit it out and revealed what she was talking about, "BJ."


Lindsey describes how the first time they engaged in the act, she "felt like a failure" because Devon didn't finish and snuck off into the bathroom. Devon claimed he doesn't remember it.

But it goes off the rails when Lindsey asks which one does Devon remember.

"Which one do you remember? The one on the couch?" Lindsey asked.

Closeup of Lindsey Shaw

Devon responded, "No, I remember the one in the backseat of your car."

Closeup of Devon Werkheiser

Devon goes on to graphically describe how he finished in the backseat of her car, and she freaked out and apologized because she had never seen that happen before. Lindsey claimed she didn't remember that one.

Devon clarified for the audience that they never had sex, but they did "get busy" because they were "two horny little 15-year-olds."

Closeup of Devon Werkheiser

The trio attempts to return to a civilized discussion of relationships and love, but the damage is already done. I can no longer rewatch Ned's Declassified without thinking about this conversation.

Here's how everyone reacted to the news that the once-innocent middle schoolers had a few naughty chapters of the survival guide they'd been keeping secret for years.

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Listen to the full episode here, if you dare.