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    Here Are 17 Of The Most Horrific "Saw" Contraptions Ever Created, And I Promise It'll Creep You Out

    "I want to play a game." Let's see if you can survive this ranking of the most horrific Saw contraptions. There are even links to videos included for the true dare-devils.

    Content warning: graphic images and descriptions of cinematic violence.

    Imagine being a creepy lil' freak who loves the gory Saw franchise so much that you ranked your favorite deadly traps and want people to relive the horrors with you.

    There's something about Jigsaw's bone-breaking, gut-wrenching, nearly impossible contraptions that's so fascinating yet extremely terrifying.

    Man says, "How you play the cards you're dealt is all that matters"

    So, here is my ranking of the 18 most horrific saw contraptions.


    18. In Saw IV, two men with their eyes and mouth sewn shut were forced to work together in order to free themselves in the "mausoleum" trap.

    two chained to a large winch in a mausoleum

    17. In Saw III, a lax judge was chained down to the bottom of a huge tank slowly filled with hot dog sludge in the "pig vat" trap.

    Man covered in pig guts

    16. In Saw VI, when the shady insurance dude thought he was out of the game, he realized nobody had his back in the "acid room" trap.

    Man grabbing gates and being stabbed in back by acid needles

    15. In Saw 3D, a cheating girlfriend and her two suitors had to cut the trio down to two in the "public execution" trap.

    Two men and women in a trap with round saws near their face and body

    14. In Jigsaw, two unconvicted criminals were almost suffocated in the "grain silo" trap filled with sharp objects.

    A man and woman slowly drowning in silo filled with grain

    13. In a Saw IV flashback, the drug addict who started it all became Jigsaw's first victim in the cutting-edge craftsmanship of the "knife chair."

    A man in a chair covered in knives

    12. In Jigsaw, a crooked motorcycle salesman was mixed up in the deadliest contraption known as the "cycle" trap.

    Man being dropped into giant blender of blades

    11. In Saw VI, Jigsaw chained up a crooked insurance broker and his innocent chain-smoking janitor in the "breathing room" trap.

    Two man chained up and connected to a breathing apparatus

    10. In Saw VI, two predatory lenders are forced to cut their losses and their limbs off in the "pound of flesh" trap.

    Man and woman using knife to cut off body parts

    9. In Saw II, a meathead drug dealer had to find a key in a hole filled with used syringes but threw someone else in the "needle pit" trap instead.

    A woman is thrown into a pit of dirty syringes

    8. In Saw VI, the shady insurance broker had to decide which two of his six employees to permanently fire in the "shotgun carousel."

    Six people are chained to a carousel rigged to  a shotgun near another man

    7. In Saw III, a drug-addicted jailbird had his entire body pierced and chained up in the "classroom" trap.

    Man with chains and hooks in his body in a classroom

    6. In Saw V, a convicted murderer realized that only sacrificing his hands wouldn't cut it in the "pendulum" contraption.

    Shirtless man in machine with giant blade swinging above him

    5. In Saw III, the smartest detective in the police force was captured and hooked into the unbeatable "angel of death" trap.

    A woman hanging from deadly contraption by her ribcage

    4. In Saw 3D, the publicist of a "Jigsaw surviving imposter" got impaled because they couldn't keep their mouth shut in the "speak no evil" contraption.

    A woman with a fishhook and key shoved down her throat

    3. In Saw II, a sneaky police informant got in over his head with the "death mask" trap.

    Man in metal mask covered in spikes

    2. The reverse bear trap in Saw, Saw VI, and Saw 3D: The Final Chapter was the most sustainable and reusable contraption.

    Amanda, Hoffman, and Jill in reverse bear trap headgear

    1. And finally, the original Saw had the most elaborate yet cost-effective scenario, the bathroom trap, which set the tone for the following eight films.

    Two man chained to pipes and a bloody dead man in the middle of a bathroom

    "Congratulations, You Are Still Alive. Most People Are So Ungrateful To Be Alive... But Not You, Not Anymore."

    Man with bloody hand screaming into the darkness

    Which traps do you think were the most horrific in the Saw franchise?

    Billy the creepy doll from the Saw franchise

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