Machine Gun Kelly Responded To Megan Fox Admitting She Wants “Dysfunction” In A Relationship

    America's favorite couple is back to their shenanigans.

    Megan Fox is back! And she's rocking a brand new hairdo.

    Machine Gun Kelly should be worried because he's no longer the only pretty blonde in the relationship.

    selfie of megan rocking bangs a new short blonde haircut

    If not the hairstyle, he should at least be worried about the group chat Megan recently shared on her IG story describing what type of man they're looking to date.

    megan at a party wearing a dramatic pink fur hat

    In a conversation with three unidentified people, Megan responds that she prefers "some danger," "drama," and "dysfunction" over just a "bomb body" in her "toxic" man.

    megan's texts that she want's some danger and drama and for the man to be toxic

    Someone else responds he also needs "a tattoo on daaaa Bentley" which means this ideal man must have some ink. (It's a possible reference to Kim Kardashian's famous response to Wendy Williams about tattoos.)

    screenshot of the convo

    In the next part of the conversation, the group ponders where to find "6'5 Emo to entangle with" and they hilariously suggest hitting up Spencer's Gifts, Hot Topic, or Dollz Kill.

    the convo

    Then someone tosses out the question, "Where do I find a billionaire with tattoos and a man bun and tall" before admitting, "there ain't nunnnn." Megan agrees and says that's why she's staying (with Machine Gun Kelly).

    megan agreeing and saying, that's why i stay

    Another person asks Megan how she has the energy to deal with a toxic man, and she responds, "the traumatized and ignored child inside of [her] loves it."

    Of course, MGK caught wind of the hilarious conversation that clearly describes him as a 6'5 toxic man with tattoos. He responded with "ily2@meganfox" next to emojis of a toxic symbol and two people I assume are them.

    arrow pointing to his comment

    And if anybody didn't catch they were joking around, Megan shared a final message about "conceptualizing the more nuanced levels of trolling" from her crystal pendulum. This isn't the first time MGK and Megan hilariously joked about their relationship on Instagram.

    her message written over a photo of her table with a framed photo of the couple, crystals, sage, and and dried flowers

    I'm glad they're back to regularly scheduled (and chaotic) content!