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    Mariah Carey Kicked Off The Christmas Season By Reading Jimmy Fallon’s Naughty List

    Have no fear, Mariah Carey is here — to save the holidays!

    It’s official! Spooky Halloween is over, and Merry “Mariah” Christmas is here!

    closeup of Mariah sitting in front of christmas decor

    In case you need concrete proof, Mariah Carey appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to save Jimmy's holiday because, who are we kidding — she's the Queen of Christmas!

    closeup of Mariah smiling

    Hot Take: Christmas time begins the day after Halloween, and Thanksgiving is just a three-day observed holiday within Christmas time. (I don't make the rules, I just follow them.)

    I made a visual for anyone who is confused.

    Twitter: @JamesMurphy

    Even hotter take: Mariah Carey is the Queen of Christmas because there's not a person in the universe unaware of her hit 1994 Merry Christmas album featuring "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

    Mariah kicked off "her" holiday season when late-night Jim-Jam found out he was on the naughty list this year — and confided in the "Queen of Christmas" to help him out.

    Jimmy and Mariah in bunk beds with Jimmy saying, this is awful my christmas is ruined and mariah responding, did someone say christmas?

    According to Jimmy's list of naughty deeds, he allegedly gave Netflix the idea for commercials.

    mariah reading off her phone, it was your idea for netflix to start playing commercials

    He might also be the reason for Elon Musk's latest purchase.

    "you told elon to buy twitter"

    He was also allegedly responsible for all the drama on the set of Don't Worry Darling.

    mariah looking up at jimmy saying, the drama on the set of don't worry darling, that was you!

    Then he was outed as the inventor of the shoes with individual toes. Yikes!

    mariah says, listen, the shoes with the individual toes?

    And lastly, Mariah almost called him out for apparently having some connection to the Adidas and Kayne drama before he cut her off.

    "wait a minute. what's this thing with adidas?

    Sure, the naughty list accusations are all "for play-play" — but I'm "for serious" when I say that 61 days of Mariah Christmas is in full effect!

    mariah performing on christmas-themed stage

    Watch "The Naughty List with Mariah Carey" segment here:

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    Are you excited about Happy Mariah Holidays? Let me know in the comments.