King Charles' Coronation Was Full Of Over-The-Top Fashion And, Of Course, The Royals Were The Best Dressed

    They really dressed for the occasion.

    King Charles III officially became the King of the United Kingdom today. But, the real news is all the colorful, over-the-top regalia the royals wore at the coronation.

    The Royal Court

    The next heir, William, Prince of Wales, wore a navy velvet mantle, and Princess Catherine wore a royal blue Grand Cross Mantle.

    Prince William and Kate Middleton

    The Princess of Wales also wore diamond and pearl earrings that once belonged to Princess Diana.

    Closeup of Kate Middleton

    Although it's difficult to see underneath her ceremonial robes, the Princess of Wales wore a white Alexander McQueen dress.

    Closeup of Kate Middleton

    And her daughter, Princess Charlotte, 8, wore a similar ivory silk Alexander McQueen dress with a cape and silver headpiece.

    Closeup of Princess Charlotte

    Standing beside her brother Prince Louis, 5, they looked like Luke and Leia Skywalker in Return of the Jedi. The youngest of the three wore a Navy Hainsworth Garter Blue Doeskin tunic to complement his father.

    Closeup of Prince Louis

    Their older brother Prince George, 9, wore this scarlet tunic based on the Page outfit from the coronation of King Edward VII. As the Page of Honor and second in line for the throne, he carried King Charles III's robes for his entry and exit.

    Closeup of Prince George

    King Charles III was decked out in the royal jewels, exiting Westminster Abbey.

    Closeup of King Charles III

    During the coronation ceremony, he wore the same crown as Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

    Closeup of King Charles III

    And, of course, King Charles III went through robes and capes during the coronation ceremony like he was in a character selection menu on The Sims.

    In the beginning, he wore this Parliament Robe over a crimson surcoat that was worn by King George VI at his coronation.

    Closeup of King Charles III

    He also wore this gold Emperor Snoke-like robe during the investiture called the "Supertunica," over an all-white anointing gown called a "Colobium Sindonis."

    Closeup of King Charles III

    Queen Camilla wore an ivory, silver, and gold-embroidered dress by British designer Bruce Oldfield.

    Closeup of Queen Camilla

    And lastly, poor little ol' Prince Harry, no longer a working member of the Royal family, didn't get to rock as many colors as everybody else, aside from his medals across the breast of his blazer — but at least he still showed up.

    Closeup of Prince Harry

    What do you think of the royals' outfits and regalia? Let me know in the comments below.