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    Katy Perry Revealed The Reason Behind Her Incredibly Weird "Doll Eye" Trick, And I Literally Feel Seen

    Do you ever feel... like a broken doll?

    Katy Perry is the queen of kooky-quirky antics that go viral.

    Closeup of Katy Perry

    Over the years, the 38-year-old singer and American Idol judge has popped up in my newsfeed for funny moments that aren't always directly related to her catchy tunes — and ultimately, I feel seen.

    Closeup of Katy Perry

    Remember when she almost got away with fooling the entire audience into believing she knew how to play Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'" on the flute?

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    Katy Perry fumbled so Lizzo could play James Madison's glass flute.

    Or, do you remember when the parents got her Sesame Street episode removed because they thought her chest might be too revealing for the kiddos? So, she joked about it on Saturday Night Live?

    In my humble opinion, she also blessed us with one of the best Super Bowl performances because we got the infamously viral "Left Shark."

    Now, in a TikTok for Vogue magazine, the "California Gurls" singer revealed the reason behind her quirky "doll eye" — a trick that went viral last year after her eye glitched out during her Las Vegas residency.

    Once the glitching eye went viral, she responded by posting this hilarious Instagram with the wildest caption.

    Now, in the new TikTok, she said, "I do this pose called 'doll eye,' I can close one eye at a time and still, like, maintain all function."

    "I've sat in a hair and makeup chair for 15 years. If they're putting eyeshadow on this eye and someone is putting my hair up into a french twist, I want to give notes in real-time," she said with one eye strangely closed.


    @katyperry has been in the glam chair for over 15 years, and she has developed some tricks along the way. In her episode of LifeInLooks, the superstar shares how she mastered the "doll pose" to make sure she always likes her look from start to finish.

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    And now, I seriously feel seen because Katy Perry isn't the only one who can do that quirky "doll eye" trick. Here's a creepy baby version of me with a glitched-out eyeball.

    And there you have it! The "doll eye" trick is a beauty technique.