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    Kate Winslet Shared When She Nearly Pooped Herself While Being Butt-Naked On Stage

    "I’m lying on a white sheet, NAKED on the stage!”

    Kate Winslet really knows how to give an outstanding performance — in every situation.

    Closeup of Kate Winslet

    In an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Kate — who will star in the upcoming film Avatar: The Way of Water — recalled when she found herself in a shitty situation while involved in a production of the Joe Orton play What the Butler Saw.

    Closeup of Kate Winslet

    Kate completely re-enacted the moment when she "nearly did a poo" in the middle of her performance, and it's noteworthy.

    Kate Winslet holding her Emmy

    Kate described how, when she was 18 years old, she portrayed a character named Geraldine who had to strip down for a medical exam. Normally, she hid behind a curtain to change on stage, but this particular stage was round.

    Once Kate laid down on the hospital bed for the scene, she was suddenly hit with the bubble guts (aka urge to take a massive dump).

    Kate Winslet reenacting her story

    Kate immediately tensed up. “It’s happening. It’s happening. It’s happening."

    “I’m going to shit myself. I’m lying on a white sheet, NAKED on the stage!”

    Kate reenacting her story

    “I’m convinced I’ve totally shat myself,” she confessed.

    Now, she's in full panic because she will eventually have to stand up and walk out from behind the curtain. "I've done a fucking poo! This is horrific!" she shouts.

    Poor teenage Kate is lying there, and she said she was “absolutely just convinced that if I move my body, there’s going to be poo.”

    Closeup of Kate Winslet

    Then, she managed to stealthily wrap the sheet around her body like a giant diaper, and clenched her cheeks. “I practically slither off the stage, and I hide in a corner thinking I’ve got to check the sheet,” she added.

    Kate Winslet reenacting her story

    “Ladies and gentleman, I had not actually done a poo. But the second I got into my dressing room, and I ran into that bathroom…gunfire.”

    Closeup of Kate Winslet

    Wow! Even her bowel movements are groundbreaking performances.

    Watch her play out the crappy scenario here.

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