Julia Fox Said She's Thinking About Exploring Her "Gay Bone," And I'm Honestly Convinced She's A Philosopher

    If you thought her past antics were wild, this new late-night interview was full of some seriously funny "un-cuh jams."

    I'm straight-up living for Julia Fox with no shame.

    julia fox

    The muse of 2022 pop culture recently appeared on comedian Ziwe Fumudoh's late-night Showtime talk show, Ziwe, for a hilarious interview.

    ziwe and julia sitting for the interview

    All I can think about was the moment when Ziwe asked, "Have you ever tried dating women?"

    ziwe during the interview

    Julia had the best response. “I, like, have been thinking about it a lot recently. Because I do think maybe I have some, you know — I have a gay bone and I need to explore that a little bit more."

    close up of julia

    "Like maybe my ex-boyfriends weren’t wrong when they were calling me a lesbian and complaining that I never wanted to have sex with them."

    julia walking the runway

    Let the record show that Julia did date that one dude who made the 2004 song "Jesus Walks."

    julia poses with someone who we've put an LOL sticker to cover his face

    "No. Why would I want to waste my time?"

    julia answering the question

    My second favorite part is when Ziwe asked, "Should men be allowed to have opinions?"


    And Julia quickly responded, "No. They shouldn't even be allowed to have penises."


    LISTEN: I feel like Julia Fox is the hero we deserve, and I live for her quirky philosophies and trend-setting antics.

    julia posing outside

    Watch the hilariously profound segment here:

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