Josh Brolin's Sentimental Poem For Timothée Chalamet Is Going Viral, And It's Receiving Mixed Reactions

    I haven't been this moved by a poem between two really attractive actors since 10 Things I Hate About You."

    Dune: Part Two is upon us, and the sci-fi girlies (like myself) can't wait to see our space-faring faves battle it out for the desert planet.

    The "Dune: Part Two" poster

    Denis Villeneuve's Dune is obviously based on a series of novels, but if you haven't read the books or seen any previous movies, all you need to know is that "spice" is the main export of this sci-fi world, and everyone is fighting over it.

    Screenshot from "Dune"

    But none of us knew how spicy this universe of warring planets could get until Josh Brolin entered the chat with his new book.

    Closeup of Josh Brolin

    In the films, Josh is Warmaster Gurney Halleck — a headstrong, high-ranking soldier in service to House Atreides.

    Arrow pointing to Josh Brolin's character

    Timothée Chalamet is Paul Atreides, the heir to one of the great houses in this sci-fi epic.

    Arrow pointing to Timothée Chalamet in "Dune"

    So, it only makes sense that Gurney takes the well-being and safety of Paul very, very seriously. And Timothée and Josh definitely do the characters justice with their on-screen chemistry.

    The cast of "Dune: Part Two"

    In a new book, Dune: Exposures, the series' cinematographer Greig Fraser documents the filming process with still photos to showcase the beautiful sets of Dune: Part One and Dune: Part Two, and Josh — the handsome face behind Gurney — "shares his on-set experience through his vivid, poignant writing."

    "Dune: Exposures"

    Ahead of the book's release, Josh's beautiful poem for Timothée is going viral, and the internet is having a lot of fun trying to decipher its meaning.

    "Your face is etched by adolescence," Josh writes. "Your cheekbones jump toward what are youth-laden eyes that slide down a prominent nose and onto lips of a certain poetry."

    "etched by adolescence"

    "And the way you hold my gaze makes me fear my own age."

    "that gaze, tho"

    "Because something in me tells me you are going to offer me something and, for now, I'm not sure it's going to be something I want anymore."

    Screenshot from "Dune"

    Day one fans of Mr. Brolin totally know he understands a thing or two about good cheekbones and face cards.

    James and Josh Brolin

    While I'm sure there's a very logical explanation for this beautiful poem, here are the best reactions of people jumping to conclusions, like myself:

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    If this is just a taste of the book, the fan-fiction message boards are going to lose it when they read Josh's poems about Zendaya, Florence Pugh, and Austin Butler.

    The cast of "Dune: Part Two"

    Dune: Part Two is out in theaters on March 1st.