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    Jenna Ortega Shared A Hot Take On Gen Z Stereotypes And Teenage Portrayals In Film And TV, And It's A Great Response

    Jenna Ortega's really heating up!

    Look out, everybody, Jenna Ortega is on fire!

    Closeup of Jenna Ortega

    Maybe you became a Jenna fan after her spot-on performance in Wednesday on Netflix.

    Screenshot from "Wednesday"

    Or, you became obsessed after she brought a new generation into the Scream franchise.

    Screenshot from "Scream"

    Perhaps, the first time you fell in love with her acting was You on Netflix.

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    Or, maybe you're a day one and remember her from Stuck in the Middle on the Disney Channel in 2016.

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    Either way, you'll respect what she had to say at a recent appearance on Hot Ones with Sean Evans. During the spicy interview, she opened up about negative Gen Z stereotypes of teenagers in film and TV — and it was some great food for thought.

    Jenna Ortega on "Hot Ones"

    The Wednesday star first shared how she always plays a certain type of teenager. “I think for me, because I look a bit younger, I’ve been acting for a little over a decade now, so I’ve just been a teenager pretty much in stories. I feel like it’s always the ‘bratty teen,’ the ‘bad-mouthed teen,’ or a lot of times ‘unintelligent,’ which I don’t think is true.”

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    And she defended Gen Z over criticism from older generations, especially on Gen Z's unique vernacular. “I think it’s hard, too, nowadays with all this new lingo coming around, but I feel like my generation, because there is so much accessible to them on the internet, there’s just more opportunities for them to learn."

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    "I wish they were given a bit more credit. We can be smart sometimes."

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    Watch the entire Hot Ones appearance here.

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