How Chilli From TLC And Matthew Lawrence From "Boy Meets World" Met Is Literally The Cutest Story

    It's really, a true boy meets girl moment.

    Earlier this year, we learned Matthew Lawrence, and Rozonda "Chili" Thomas are officially dating, and I'm shipping this relationship because I'm a '90s kid who can't let go of the past.

    side by side of the two in the 90s

    Recently, Matt opened up to ET about his relationship with Chilli of TLC, who he described as a "really, really special human being" — and I'm elated.

    matthew talking during the interview

    "My life is in complete bloom right now. I get to spend time with an amazing woman like Chilli," Matt said. "I've never gotten to be able to experience that kind of relationship before. She's really, really special."

    closeup of matthew smiling

    Then, the Boy Meets World actor shared how they met. "It was just real friendship, you know, for like five or six months, just talking on the phone long distance, like, getting to know each other, see each other here and there," he says giddily like a lovesick teenager.

    matthew in the 90s

    Then, Andy Lawrence, his younger brother, revealed there's more to the meet-cute story, adding an important detail — a plane ride — which is really when the couple first met. "I talked to him when he landed and he was like, 'You're not gonna believe it. I met like the most wonderful person,'" he said.

    andy, joe, and matthew lawrence posing in the 90s

    According to ET, Matthew immediately confirmed it almost didn't happen, saying, "So we were at this thing. We were working. We just said hello in passing and probably nothing would've come of that, but there was this big snowstorm. I had to be back for work, so I was getting them [the airline] to change my flights all around."

    closeup of matthew at an event

    "The only flight I could get was a connecting flight through Atlanta. She lives in Atlanta. So, she was flying on that flight. So, really it was the flight, talking and then afterwards saying, 'Hey, let's keep in contact.'"

    closeup of matthew at an event

    "That's really what made it, and it almost did not happen. I mean, literally, an hour before the flight took off they were like, 'OK, we got you on this flight. You gotta go.' So it was just like that kind of thing." And the rest is history.

    closeup of matthew

    Jeez. Maybe I'm just a corny romantic, but that type of fateful meeting is so sweet.

    🎶 Baby, baby, baby / I got so much love in me 🎶

    Read the entire interview here.