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    Gabrielle Union Received Backlash Over Her Comments About Infidelity — Here's How She Responded

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    Gabrielle Union is not here for the double standards.

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    On a recent episode of Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, Gabrielle got real about the infidelity during her previous marriage to Chris Howard.

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    Gabrielle explained, back then, she wasn't "getting any wife of the year awards" because she felt she was "entitled" to infidelity, especially since she “was paying all the bills."

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    And, of course, people (mostly a bunch of men who shouldn't put their lips together to discuss ANYBODY) felt the need to add their two cents about Gabrielle's admission.

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    When ET's Nischelle Turner asked her about the backlash at the Season 3 premiere of Truth Be Told, Gabrielle said what I was thinking.

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    "If your gonna get your panties in a twist about something I've been talking about since 2005 — in not one but two New York Times best-selling books — at least listen to the whole thing," she said. "Just so you know where your anger actually is."

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    The topic of her past marriage is discussed in her autobiographical books, You Got Anything Stronger, and We're Going to Need More Wine, so it's a little silly that people are fussing over a soundbite.

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    "I think people really felt anger that a woman would dare be just as dysfunctional as a man," Gabrielle quipped. "Because that's what I called it. And stupid!"

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    I think Gabrielle always delivers a good read.