Halle Berry Is Really Good At Twitter — Like, She's Hysterically Good At It

    "I love how Halle Berry is the most active and funny celebrity on social media on my timeline."

    Halle Berry is a certified national treasure.

    Halle poses for photographers at the Oscars wearing a halter gown with a cutout at the abdomen and a thigh-high slit with crystalized roses at the neck and the top of the slit

    For instance, she made HERstory as the first Black woman AND the first woman of color to win the Oscar for Best Actress for Monster's Ball in 2002.

    Halle holds up her Oscar

    Not to mention, she's blessed us with iconic roles like Storm in the X-Men franchise.

    Halle as Storm with long blonde hair with bangs and wearing a leather superhero suit with cape

    Or the fabulously ridiculous Nici in B.A.P.S. (1993).

    A promo photo of Halle on the right as Nici with costar Natalie Desselle as Mickey on the left

    However, her best roles now include being an avid Twitter user. She's an absolute breath of fresh air on social media.

    Halle Berry might be the one instance when I was surprised by a celebs personality on Twitter in a good way https://t.co/Zc58LlJzd1

    Twitter: @PrinceHAK33M / Behind The Tweets

    Between the occasional glam photo, fitness update, or perfectly timed joke — Halle also drops some delightful anecdotes to brighten our day, like this "spread love always" she posted on March 21.

    What happened next almost broke me, because why would you post something so hilariously obscene in response to THE Halle Berry? A Twitter user retweeted Halle, writing, "Why I instantly read this as 'spread legs always' 😭."

    Twitter: @TheCalm_Storm

    No, you did not. But also, I could see how that mistake was made.

    The best part is, it didn't end there. Halle caught wind of it, and her response simply cracked me up.

    Twitter: @halleberry / Via MGM

    The Miss Jackson "deer in headlights" meme will always be one of the best responses for the astonished.

    The folks on Twitter also got a kick out of the little exchange:

    @halleberry Halle Berry being a twitter girl is the funniest thing ever like homegirl knows ALL the references lmaoooo

    Twitter: @charlie_onye

    @halleberry I love how Halle Berry is the most active and funny celebrity on social media on my timeline. Lizzo got Tik Tok and Halle Berry got Twitter

    Twitter: @_cxmcxm_

    @TheCalm_Storm Your eyes see what they WANNA see

    Twitter: @jojilere / Via HBO

    Someone even brought this funny Madonna quote into the mix.

    Such a fun moment in the celebrity Twitterverse!