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    17 Funny Tweets About Mercury Retrograde For People Who Don't Know What It Means, But Blame It For Everything

    "This is the funniest Mercury retrograde of my life, and I haven't laughed once."

    Ugh. Mercury Retrograde (a time when communication is bad and frustration is high) is back! Now we are once again using it as an excuse for our lives being in absolute shambles.

    Bernie Sanders wearing a Mercury Retrograde nametag with the words, "I am once again asking to ruin your lives"

    From September 9 to October 1, people like me are using this astrological "retrograde" to blame the planet that rules all forms of communication for our relationship woes and daily struggles.

    Good thing some people on Twitter have a great sense of dark humor to help us laugh-cry our way out of this funky season.


    since mercury is in retrograde I have to bring back this text from my mom

    Twitter: @SaeedDiCaprio


    we got 6 planets in retrograde & my advice is just sit yall ass down

    Twitter: @tranaija


    Twitter: @SydDivineTarot


    found out about the mercury retrograde last night and needless to say im a moon bitch now

    Twitter: @subtoconnorpls


    me trying to act like mercury retrograde isn’t kicking my ass

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @ggsnocontext


    Barely hanging on after this first week of mercury retrograde

    PBS / Via Twitter: @earthdombaby


    It’s Mercury retrograde, just don’t believe shit & don’t say anything, cause it just gets more confusing

    Hidden Beach / Via Twitter: @TarotByBronx


    This mercury retrograde is whooping some of y’all’s ass. I told y’all to be calm and be quiet. Stop talking. Take a deep breathe. It’s not worth it.

    Twitter: @psychicaquarius


    Retrograde must be drinking patron cause all I wanna do is fight & cry lately 😂

    Twitter: @sighbrattt


    mercury retrograde just keeps retrograding more and more

    Twitter: @heavenbrat


    These mercury retrograde dreams are getting out of hand

    United Plankton Pictures / Via Twitter: @earthdombaby


    mercury retrograde is kicking peoples asses. specifically celebrities. maybe it’s mars in gemini. i dont fucking know but it’s bad

    Twitter: @kemimarie


    this is the funniest mercury retrograde of my life and i haven’t laughed once / Via Twitter: @esssdabest


    mercury retrograde must b real cos people be poppin out of the woodwork all at once today and, like, no thanks

    Twitter: @bigteesmallgirl


    Twitter: @SydDivineTarot


    Twitter: @plutonicmoon


    I guess it’s been mercury retrograde all 2022 cuz y’all been using it as an excuse all year 😂

    Twitter: @lilduval

    What do you think? Is the chaos in your life all retrograde's fault? Comment your thoughts below!