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    People Are Horrified And Having Nightmares After Watching Doja Cat's New Music Video

    I'm seriously scared but also low-key...intrigued.

    Doja Cat is deep into her sinister era.

    Close-up of Doja at a media event in a devil bodysuit costume

    We gasped when Doja stepped out in the red Swarovski crystal suit at the Schiaparelli show during Paris Fashion Week.

    Close-up of Doja in a red Swarovski crystal suit

    We shuddered when she debuted this spine-tingling bat tattoo by Mr. K.

    Then we broke into a nervous sweat when she revealed this mysterious scythe tattoo behind her ear, designed by @jershtattoos.

    Close-up of the scythe tattoo behind Doja's ear

    Now the 27-year-old rapper-singer is 100% on demon time, and all the creepy antics have come together.

    Close-up of Doja at a media event in a shiny, skintight black outfit

    The Grammy-winning artist released the third single from her forthcoming Scarlet album on Friday — and the visuals are super-duper scary.

    "Demon" Doja with red eyes climbing on the ceiling with caption "Nope"

    The music video for the new single, "Demons," contains all the fixings of horror legend: monsters, frights, and '90s scream queen Christina Ricci in the flesh.

    Christina in bed and Demon Doja above her

    Ultimately, the video gives a whole lot of NOPE...

    Overhead shot of Doja with weird eyes sitting in a tub, with caption "oh hell naw"

    ...with an extra side of NO THANK YOU.

    Demon Doja crouched, with caption "why tho?"

    The music video was directed by Doja and Christian Breslauer — who has also worked with SZA, Lil Nas X, Chris Brown, and Lizzo — to create a medley of terrifying homages to legendary horror movies like 1982's Poltergeist.

    Two kids watching a TV in the dark, with caption "scary kids watching TV"
    Scene from Poltergeist of little girl watching a staticky TV
    Creepy stacked chairs on the ceiling in the video
    Poltergeist scene with chairs on a table

    In another scene, we see a frightening reference to the infamous bathtub scene from 1980's The Shining.

    Doja as the naked woman in the tub in The Shining, with caption "bone-chilling bathroom"
    Original scene from The Shining where the woman draws the bathtub curtain

    And in this scene, she's typing away like a menacing Jack Torrance in The Shining.

    Doja as jack at a typewriter with caption "Creepy typewriter"
    Scene of Jack at the typewriter from The Shining

    The star of the music video, besides Demon Doja and the funky fiends, is Christina, known for her roles as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family, Katrina Van Tassel in Sleepy Hollow, Ellie Myers in Cursed, and most recently Misty Quigley in Yellowjackets and Marilyn Thornhill in Netflix's Wednesday.

    Christina looking shocked

    In the video, Christina brings her genre-defining A-game as an ill-fated mother haunted by a bejeweled Demon Doja and her band of booty-shaking sleep paralysis demons.

    And, of course, the fans' reactions to the music video are filled with playful terror and the occasional praise for one of the creepiest music videos of 2023.

    Here's what they're saying:

    Comment: Creepier than 99% of the horror movies that have been put out recently; Doja is a beast in the best of ways
    Comment: A fully artist, not only singing but producing a video more terrifying than a lot of terror movies

    Twitter: @Themba_Taylor
    Comment: She's trolling atp but it's still scary im glad i saw this in the morning
    Comment: Everyone wanted to be on Demon time and Doja said "Hold my beer, y'all like Demons?!?

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    Doja Cat's Scarlet is set to be released Sept. 22. Watch the music video for "Demons" here:

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