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    Chris Redd Was "Gushing Blood" After He Was Attacked Outside His New York Comedy Show

    "It was just so much blood. ... There was blood gushing out my face."

    From 2017 to 2022, Chris Redd was one of the funniest cast members on Saturday Night Live, winning a Primetime Emmy Award for his unforgettable song, "Come Back, Barack."

    Chris Redd on the red carpet

    Chris was recently physically assaulted in front of New York City club the Comedy Cellar before he was scheduled to perform a set.

    The Comedy Cellar

    Chris described it as a "surprise party of one fist" during a preview of The Last Laugh podcast, where he finally opened up about the violent attack.

    Closeup of Chris Redd

    "First of all, I didn't get out of a car. I walked there like any New Yorker, and they just added a lot of details."

    Closeup of Chris Redd

    "I just got done texting my cousin who's in Olive Tree [Cafe] above the [Comedy] Cellar, so I could go eat some of his fries before I got to hit the stage real quick for my first set of three."

    "And as I put my phone in my pocket and continued to walk up to the Cellar, this man hit me in the face with something metal. I thought it was brass knuckles because it cut my nose to the bone."

    Closeup of Chris Redd

    Chris, who said he'd been boxing for years, had "taken a punch in the face before," but this attack was alarming because of "how much blood was coming out of [his] face."

    "I got two fractures in my nose and a fracture in my cheek, but you know, a fist don't normally do all of that at one time. So, it was safe to assume I was hit with something. The dude who hit me ran off. I was just sitting there. I fell down so fast I didn't even know I fell until I looked at the footage."

    Closeup of Chris Redd

    Chris said he couldn't wait to use the new material, but the gravity of the attack left him "gushing blood" and unable to continue his performance. "If we could have stopped the bleeding, I would have went on stage," he said.

    But, through the blood and pain, Chris has bounced back, and he's ready to use his experience as ammunition for his next comedy act. "As many jokes as some people have, nobody has as many jokes about this as I do."

    Closeup of Chris Redd

    I can't wait to hear more of your jokes, Chris!

    You can listen to the entire interview when it airs here.