A Video Went Viral Of Cardi B Twerking On A Grandpa Lou Statue From "Rugrats," And Now She's Facing Backlash

    One of TV's beloved grandpas and one of the hottest rappers show the whippersnappers how to cause mayhem.

    One thing about Cardi B is she will always find time to twerk.

    Cardi recently celebrated her daughter Kulture's fifth birthday at the Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park in New Jersey, and the b-day bash was impressive.

    Kulture had a chance to meet Queen Poppy, the leader of the Snack Pack from the Trolls franchise.

    Kulture's little brother, Wave, met Blue from the long-running series Blue's Clues and its 2019 revival, Blue's Clues & You!

    And Mama Cardi had the chance to meet Grandpa Lou from Rugrats — but things got a little out of hand.

    For those who don't know, Grandpa Louis "Lou" Pickles is a happily married patriarch of the Pickles family, which includes his two sons, Stu and Drew Pickles...

    ...and his adorable grandchildren, Angelica, Tommy, and Dil Pickles.

    When I first saw the video, I expected Lou's wife, Lulu Pickles, a nurse he met during the "Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts" three-part episode in 2000, to be there with his big family to witness his encounter with Cardi.

    But (and that's a huge emphasis on but) Lou was out here in these streets entertaining the "WAP" singer and her twerking temptations. After it appeared all the children weren't present, Cardi B took a moment to twerk all over a Grandpa Lou statue, and he maintained the largest smile on his face the entire time. None of his family, save Spike the dog, were in sight.

    Twerking to FendiDa Rapper's "Point Me 2," which features Cardi, the 30-year-old rapper shared an Instagram story — throwing caution to the wind and winding it up on one of television's most beloved animated grandfathers.

    Could this be the start of a new spinoff for the 76-year-old granddaddy and the iconic Nickelodeon franchise?

    It's unclear where Cardi B's husband, Offset (real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus), was at the time of the twerk session, although it's assumed he was the videographer.

    While some folks, like myself, took delight in this hilarious moment, others were highly concerned about the meaning of Cardi B's inclination to throw it in a circle on a cartoon veteran:

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    Check out the full video of the twerking situation here:

    Grandpa Lou is wildin’ @iamcardib pic.twitter.com/bu8Y2zvcja

    — Myke Thompson (@itsmykethompson) July 12, 2023
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