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"That Face Was Looking Crazy": Blac Chyna Compared Herself To Her Old Photos Before She Removed Her Fillers

"Like, I look so much better."

Blac Chyna recently celebrated her 35th birthday, reflecting on her big changes this year.

closeup of blac chyna

Aside from returning to her real name Angela White, the reality star also famously reversed some of her cosmetic procedures including a breast reduction, removing butt implants, and her lip/facial fillers, and it sparked a lot of conversation.

closeup of blac chyna

On Friday, she shared some old photos on her Instagram of what she used to look like, along with a video commenting on how much her face has changed during her cosmetic journey.

"Good morning guys. I'm about to get up. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Why, I was looking at old pictures? Guys..."

video of her sayign, why i was looking at old pictures guys

"That face was looking crazy," she said.

her in the video saying that face was looking crazy

"Like that first picture, that was a few months before I, like, took out all the filler."

closeup of blac chyna

"Look at my lips. The lips went down. Thank God."

arrow pointing to her lips as she says her  lips went down thank god

"Like, I look so much better. Ladies, that ain't the way," she added. "Oh, I love you guys. Please don't do the filler. It is not worth it."

her talking to the camera

Ms. Angela's like, "New face, who dis?"