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    11 "Stranger Things" Characters Who Need More Screen Time In Season 5

    Justice for all the supporting characters!

    Everybody's talking about Erica, Steve, Eddie, and the rest of the series regulars but forgetting they all started as supporting characters. Each of them had their big moment, and I think other minor characters need a promotion.

    Side-by-side of Erica, Eddie, and Steve

    I will never get over the injustice of Barb from Season 1 of Stranger Things. I think it’s my sworn duty as an obscene fan of this show and an honorary member of the Hellfire Club to declare the sidepiece characters from the show who deserve more airtime than Yuri Ismaylov’s crusty plane full of peanut butter.

    Barb with text stating, "Bye, Barb."

    Vecna needs to enter the writers’ minds and add some extra dialogue and backstory for these 10 recurring side characters from Stranger Things who deserve more screen time.

    ****SPOILERS AHEAD****

    1. Ms. Kelley

    Ms. Kelley in "Stranger Things"

    2. Calvin Powell

    Calvin Powell at the podium

    3. Holly Wheeler

    Holly Wheeler

    4. Scott Clarke

    Scott Clarke

    5. Phil Callahan

    Officer Callahan

    6. Karen Wheeler

    Karen Wheeler

    7. Eden Bingham


    8. Kali's Gang

    Kali's gang

    9. Victor Creel

    Victor Creel

    10. Test Subjects

    11. D'Artagnan

    Dustin and D'Artagnan