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Do You Really Want To Look Just ‘OK’?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have all the clothes in the world, the best dresses, the sexiest shoes and all the colorful accessories that are perfect in every sense but you have no idea if you should be wearing a jeans or shorts, a tank top or a crop top, maybe shoes and not heels, red or blue, cotton or satin? Every one of us get into this jeopardy every now and then specially on our special days like birthdays, best friend’s marriage, the first date and the list goes on.

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While the solution is simple – seek someone’s honest opinion, getting it is hard; well, ‘WAS’ hard until this application we are going to talk about wasn’t there. Now that we have this application called Fadstir, fashion is no longer rocket science and looking good is a child’s play. In case you are willing to look better, here are 5 reasons why you should be using Fadstir.

1. Old Boring Fashion Sense


I agree you have a hot style statement and you are what define fashion but since you have been flaunting the same style for a decade now, people find it boring. Let me put it the other way. How would you react to the fashion sense of a girl who has been wearing crop tops with shorts and boots on Fridays for a year? Happening? Really? She needs advice and so do you!

2. Does This Go With This?


One question that has been haunting the fashion mansions for years – does this look good with this? Or should I try that? Aren’t you done with these questions yourself? Do you think your room mate or your mom can give you the best advice, ALWAYS? What about that time when your best friend said your top was too revealing and your date ended up fist-bumping THE DUDE? With Fadstir, that is never going to happen again!

3. The Advice and the Emotions


Fadstir is not your friend, it is your savior. It gives straight up emotionless outfit matching advice that looks like a jewel right out of Milan fashion week. The combination it creates is so beautiful it will leave you in tears of joy. Did I mention all the compliments that you will be getting?

4. Algorithms They Say


When Fadstir says it will dress you up, it doesn’t mean anything dirty. Although I won’t mind dirty talking to someone who dresses me up this well but unfortunately it just refers to algorithms they use to match the pieces of outfit together. The suggestions are instant, tasteful (read the above point again) and reliable.

5. Combining New and Old


Another reason I love this app is because it understands my wardrobe like I do. It scans my stuff and pairs it up with what I have and what I don’t have at the moment but can have from online stores. Believe me, it feels good to know that you will finally be able to wear that shirt you bought last year with something you never thought of pairing it up with.

Well now that you know about Fadstir, I do not see any reason why you should be looking ‘just fine’ from tomorrow.