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17 Reasons MacGyver's Got Nothing On You

Survival shows are fun to watch on TV but not something we want to face in our life and the lives of our loved ones.

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Being in a survival situation without any gear is not a good place to be in. Carrying heavy and bulky gear anywhere you go is also not realistic. Add to that the current survival kits unappealing and old fashioned designs that further complicates the ability to carry them anywhere.

Motion Grade

The MS5 Survival kit from the Motion Grade brand is built with elegance and sophistication. In fact the container gives the impression of anything but a survival kit which enables you to carry it around nicely without the unwanted attention.

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More importantly, the outer region is beautiful but sturdy built and looks good even with a Tuxedo. James Bond anyone?


It has a USB charger or GPS tracker, Flashlight, Micro Gas Burner, Compass, A water Filter, A Knife, Fishing tackle, A magnesium fire starter, An arrowhead that can be used to make a spear and much more survival gear that fit nicely into a small container that can fit in your pocket.

The container has a wooden box that can be used as tinder if needed and there is a 30 feet of 550 paracord as an outer sleeve available as-well.

You want to get out of the adventure safe and sound from any untraveled road and the MS5 will help acheive just that.

The Decision

If you understand the basic need to carry what is important in your EDC (Everyday Carry), MS5 is for you. If you love to camp and hike, MS5 is for you. If you go on mountains and into the dense jungles, MS5 is for you. If you like your tools clean and sophisticated, MS5 is for you. Any wandered who enjoys nature and relishes to be a part of it – MS5 is for you!

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