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05 Best Apps That Let You Make Free Video Calls

In this time and era, technology has taken over bringing the necessary information the population requires to their fingers. Cell phones and laptop or rather personal computers have made it possible to communicate face to face with great distance between the two parties through video call apps, a thing people would never have imagine of in the 19th century.

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Chat app have recently become fashionable on every mobile phone being downloaded every moment all over the world. The app developer recently discovered that masses not only want to chat over text free text messages provided by their app but also through the video call thus came in the need to incorporate this feature on the android apps. This trend has grown widely and currently it is trendy to have a video call incorporated on chat app, this is technically what sells the apps.

There many functional video call apps, listed here are the best 5 video call apps.

1. Whatsapp video call app

Whatsapp is an American chat platform that was introduced mainly for massaging and sending pictures few years ago. It has gradually spread out its wing all over the globe to become a house hold platform where family and friends can exchange ideas through message chat, voice chats and free video calls. The app has evolved further to accommodate other media exchange programs where you can share documents such as word document, pdf and many more formats. Free video calls on whatsapp apk are supported by android operating systems on mobile phones and even personal computers making it the ideal choice. Whatsapp has also evolved making the user capable of creating groups such as family, work groups, college class that can be used to exchange messages and files to group members without having to text every individual. You can also broadcast a message to all your cantacts or selected few in your contact list. Whatsapp video call is widely used all over thus giving it an advantage over all other.

2. Viber


This app was introduced as strictly video calling app. It is known for its real time reception on video calls and clarity on voice and video calls. Since introduction, the viber app has evolved into fully fledge messaging and file exchange app with social media supports. It is possible to buy viber credits online and use it to communicate across other platforms.

3. Skype


Being a well-known app, skype has been used to video chat among friends and family and more over in conferences and interviews. Skype offers video chatting capabilities, text messaging as well as voice calls. This app commands a total of 250 million users making it to be one of the most common apps. The advantage using skype is with its capability to accommodate to accommodate wide range of platforms such as androids and Microsoft based operating systems. This means it can be used with ease and for free on mobile phones and personal computers such as laptops, desk tops and palm tops computers.

4. Tango


This app is fun to use and once downloaded, it will keep you occupied all the time. The app is among the earliest video call app done for android system. Since then, it has been improved into a full fledge video call app with messaging capabilities that keep the user busy all the time. One of the best features the developers have added to this app is the allowance of the user to search for people outside his or her contacts and engage them in conversation through video calls and massaging.

5. Line


Line is a very interesting video call app. On this app, you can create a group and have a joint chat with your college buddies or your entire family as if you were all in your living room. Group messaging is real time where by all recipients receives the messages at the same time and everyone has the freedom to engage in the conversation. The line has over 600 million active subscribers all over the globe. It is made with the capability of cross platform making it possible to use your computer, tablet or android smart phone while chatting. Video chatting is made fun with the instant response, no delays making chatting enjoyable.