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    19 Oscars Facts That Sound Fake, But Are Shockingly True

    More than 90 years later, the Academy still has a veeeery long way to go.

    The Oscars are widely considered to be the most prestigious of film awards. Winning a gold-plated statuette is one of the highest honors a creative could wish for.

    Two employees standing in front of shelves full of Oscar statuettes

    Despite the Academy's influence, its track record is far from perfect. The Oscars have an odd history plagued by exclusivity, strange mishaps, and questionable choices.

    A row of Oscar trophies on a shelf

    Here are 19 wild facts about the Oscars that most people don't know.

    1. The shocking Best Picture mixup of 2017 happened because one person was (allegedly) on Twitter.

    The cast and crew of Moonlight on stage at the Academy Awards

    2. Sammy Davis Jr. was also given an incorrect envelope in 1964.

    Sammy Davis Jr crouching on stage with a microphone

    3. The LA Times forced the Academy to start using envelopes.

    A pair of hands holding white envelopes for Best Picture and Best Actress awards

    4. As of 1950, Oscar winners don't really own their statues.

    A photo of a golden Oscars statue

    5. An actor had to sell his Oscar to pay for his wife’s health care.

    Harold Russell smiling and holding his luggage at an airport

    6. It took 81 years for a woman to win the Best Director award.

    Kathryn Bigelow speaking at an awards reception

    7. It took 77 years for a non-white filmmaker to win the Best Director award.

    Ang Lee kissing his Oscars statuette

    8. A Black filmmaker has never won Best Director.

    Spike Lee looking at something off camera

    9. The Academy took 50 years to apologize to Sacheen Littlefeather for mistreating her

    Sacheen Littlefeather speaking on stage

    10. The first Black Oscar winner was treated poorly despite her accomplishments.

    Hattie McDaniel holding a statuette

    11. Adrien Brody kissing Halle Berry was not staged (or consensual).

    Adrien Brody attempting to kiss Halle Berry on stage

    12. Roman Polanski won Best Director in 2003... decades after being exposed for his pedophilic behavior.

    Roman Polanski holding a microphone

    13. The #OscarsSoWhite campaign took off in 2015... only for the following year to be just as white.

    Workers placing an Oscars statue on a red carpet

    14. The first Black Oscars host was Sammy Davis Jr., but it wasn't a solo gig.

    A portrait of Sammy Davis Jr smiling

    15. Whoopi Goldberg was the first woman AND the first Black person to host the Oscars entirely on their own.

    Whoopi Goldberg smiling

    16. The year 2000 was a complete disaster for the Oscars before the ceremony even began.

    A golden statue at the 72nd Academy Awards

    17. In 1962, Rita Moreno became the first Hispanic woman to win an Oscar.

    Rita Moreno holding an Oscar

    18. Ariana DeBose is the second Latine woman to win an acting Oscar...and it was for the same exact role as Rita Moreno.

    Ariana DeBose kissing an Oscars statuette

    19. Parasite was the first foreign language film ever to win Best Picture.

    Bong Joon-ho speaking at a press conference