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    These 19 Movies Will Help You Get Your AI Fix After Watching "M3GAN"

    But can they dance like M3GAN?

    Artificial intelligence has been explored in cinema since its realization was a mere fever dream. These days, the concept of human-like machines feels more real than ever... and it's just as disturbing as filmmakers of yore thought it would be.

    Megan standing in a hallway

    M3GAN is 2023's first film icon, but your AI journey doesn't have to end there. Here are 19 films — old and new — you can add to your watchlist if this killer robot left you thirsting for more sci-fi.

    1. Ex Machina

    A robot reaching out to an artificial face hanging on a white wall

    2. Her

    Joaquin Phoenix looking off-camera

    3. Upgrade

    Logan Marshall-Green sitting in a chair

    4. The Terminator films

    The Terminator wearing sunglasses

    5. I, Robot

    Will Smith holding a gun

    6. 2001: A Space Odyssey

    An astronaut walking through a white passageway

    7. Ghost in the Shell (1995)

    Major Motoko Kusanagi looking at her reflection

    8. Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita speaking with Dyson Ido

    9. After Yang

    A white robot with his internal wiring exposed

    10. RoboCop (1987)

    RoboCop walking as he's being shot

    11. A.I. Artificial Intelligence

    David laughing

    12. Bicentennial Man

    An artificial intelligence head that looks like Robin Williams with his eyes closed

    13. Kimi

    Angela with a hoodie on looking off camera

    14. Zoe

    Zoe resting her head on Ash's shoulder

    15. Morgan

    Morgan wearing a hoodie and sitting at a table

    16. S1m0ne

    Simone's head floating on a black screen

    17. The Machine (2013)

    Ava staring at something off screen

    18. Archive

    George looking at a white robot without legs

    19. I Am Mother

    An artificial fetus in a plastic container being grabbed by a metal claw