No serás la misma persona después de ver estos 43 impactantes documentales

    Crímenes reales, personas desaparecidas, líderes de sectas y mucho más.

    🚨 Advertencia: Algunos de los contenidos que aparecen a continuación incluyen historias sobre agresiones sexuales, asesinatos y suicidios. 🚨

    1. John Wayne Gacy: el diablo disfrazado (2021)

    John Wayne Gacy walking to trial, handcuffed

    2. La desaparición de Madeleine McCann (2019)

    Side-by-side of Madeleine McCann and her parents

    3. Dios sabe dónde estoy (2016)

    An old photo of Linda Bishop, then a picture of a couch in the abandoned house she lived in

    4. El juicio de Gabriel Fernández (2020)

    A photo of Gabriel Fernandez as a child, then a newspaper clipping with the headline about his parents murdering him

    5. Last Breath (2019)

    A photo of Chris Lemons in the cabin, plus a photo of a diver on the ocean floor

    6. Aileen: Vida y muerte de una asesina serial (2003)

    7. Three Identical Strangers (2018)

    Bobby Shafran and his two brothers in their late teens

    8. Abducted in Plain Sight (2017)

    Side-by-side of Jan Broberg vs. Jan as a kid being photographed with her kidnapper

    9. Haunters: The Art of the Scare (2017)

    One main setting up his haunted house, and a guest having a panic attack while inside

    10. Cropsey (2009)

    The filmmakers standing next to a creepy, abandoned house

    11. Hay algo mal con la tía Diane (2011)

    Diane Schuler's wedding photos and CCTV footage of her at a gas station

    12. ¿Nacido para matar? Richard Trenton Chase: El vampiro de Sacramento (2010)

    Richard Trenton's mugshots

    13. The Woman Who Wasn’t There (2012)

    Side-by-side of Alicia at the World Trade Center Memorial, vs. her ex-friend questioning who she really is

    14. Holy Hell (2016)

    The leader of the Buffhafield cult, then a photo of a woman who was in the cult during an interview

    15. Ed Gein: El verdadero Leatherface (2004)

    16. Dreams of a Life (2011)

    A photo of Joyce Vincent before she died

    17. Evil Genius (2018)

    Brian Wells sitting outside next to a police car with the bomb strapped around him

    18. Team Foxcatcher (2016)

    Side-by-side of John du Pont and Dave Schultz in their wrestling team jackets

    19. The Jinx: La vida y las muertes de Robert Durst (2015)

    A photo of Robert Durst in court

    20. The Keepers (2017)

    Side-by-side of Sister Catherine Cesnik in everyday clothes vs. her in her habit

    21. Casting JonBenét (2017)

    A side-by-side of JonBenét Ramsey in a pageant outfit, next to a girl auditioning to play her

    22. Carl Panzram: El espíritu del odio y la venganza (2011)

    Carl Panzram's mugshot

    23. The Family I Had (2017)

    Paris Bennet on a muffled phone call with 9-1-1, revealing that he killed his sister

    24. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (2012)

    A screenshot of the movie where Jeffrey Dahmer's neighbor reveals that he fed her food that probably included human flesh, and his mugshot

    25. Querido Zachary: Una Carta a un Hijo Sobre su Padre (2008)

    Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne holding Andrew Bagby's infant son

    26. The Cannibal That Walked Free (2007)

    Issei Sagawa being interviewed and talking about what he did to one of his victims

    27. Blackfish (2013)

    A side-by-side of an orca being moved to a facility, and a pic of a trainer with an orca under water

    28. BTK: Un asesino entre nosotros(2019)

    A shadowy figure wearing a mask

    29. Tabloid (2010)

    30. Un monstruo en la familia: El asesino de la cara sonriente

    31. Who Took Johnny (2014)

    32. Conversaciones con un asesino: Las cintas de Ted Bundy (2019)

    A photo of Ted Bundy

    33. Manson (1973)

    Manson's mugshot

    34. The Witness (2015)

    A photo of an old newspaper and a picture of Kitty Genovese

    35. Albert Fish: En el pecado él encontró la salvación (2007)

    36. Missing 411 (2016)

    A photo of trees in a national park plus photos of missing people

    37. Este es el Zodíaco hablando (2008)

    A police sketch of what they think the Zodiac Killer looks like, plus a photo of an open field

    38. Amanda Knox (2016)

    Amanda Knox being filmed after the murder of her roommate, then a photo of Amanda Knox several years later being interviewed

    39. Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse (1990)

    Beth Thomas being interviewed as a child

    40. La granja de los cerdos (2011)

    41. The Imposter (2012)

    42. The Bridge (2006)

    The Golden Gate Bridge and a man climbing to the top

    43. Y Jesus Camp (2006)

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