17 Papás y mamás de la TV que neta, neta eran horribles

    La mamá de Freddie en iCarly, wtf?

    1. La Sra. Benson de iCarly

    Spencer: "you chipped Freddie?" Mrs. Benson: "I chipped him because I love him!"

    2. Todos los padres de Rugrats

    while Stu and Drew argue, Chuckie and Tommy wander off

    3. Los padres de Finn (pero, sobre todo, su papá) en Adventure Time

    Finn begs his dad to wait/stop, but his dad leaves anyways, and Finn's arm is torn off while trying to keep him there

    4. Ambos padres, pero sobre todo Jack, en Danny Phantom

    Jazz says her parents ambushed her, suffocated her with smoke, and pulled her from Spike before his breakthrough, asking what they have to say for themselves

    5. Los padres de Dora en Dora la exploradora

    Dora with her parents

    6. Los padres de Luca (sobre todo su mamá) en Luca

    Luca's mom tells him he's staying with Uncle Ugo for the rest of the reason and that if she has to send him to the bottom of the ocean to keep him safe, she will

    7. Los padres de Judy en Zootopia

    Judy's dad explains to her that you should settle and be complacent rather than trying new things

    8. La madre de Mia en The Princess Diaries

    Mia: "For 15 years, you couldn't find a spare minute to tell me that my father is a royal?", her mom: "I thought I was doing the right thing"

    9. Los abuelos de Charlie (sobre todo el abuelo Joe) en Willy Wonka y la fábrica de chocolate

    Grandpa Joe dancing despite being "bedridden"

    10. Los padres de Anna y Elsa en Frozen

    Anna's father saying Elsa can learn to control it, and until then they'll close the gates and isolate Elsa and Anna

    11. Ambos padres en Juego de gemelas

    Hallie's mom tells her she belongs to her dad and Annie belongs to her, and Hallie says that arrangement sucks

    12. Los padres de Tori (pero sobre todo su mamá) en Victorious

    laughing at a text, Tori's mom says it's just from Gary, Tori's father's friend on the police force — Tori asks what he said, and her mom says "nothing" and that she'll delete it

    13. La mamá de Ash (y todos los demás padres) en Pokémon

    Ash and his mom

    14. Los padres (especialmente Wayne) en Querida, encogí a los niños

    Wayne tells Diane he shrunk the kids and the Thompson kids, and they're in the backyard because he threw them out with the trash

    15. Los padres de Sam en Se busca novio

    Sam asks if her mom has anything else to say to her, and her mom asks what Sam wants her to say, then tells her she'll be late for school and leaves — Sam says "I can't believe this, they fucking forgot my birthday"

    16. El padre de Alyssa en It Takes Two

    Roger tells Alyssa that Clarice is going to be her new mother, and Alyssa faints

    17. Y la mamá de Sōsuke en Ponyo

    the mom driving with Ponyo through water

    ¿Qué otros padres de series y películas para niños/adolescentes son terribles? ¡Cuéntanos en los comentarios!

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