M. White
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    • M. White

      “…Thank god the people of america had guns at the time to fight against the english soldiers that finally made this country.”Ibelieve you are not claiming that (ahem) British soldiers made this country but that Americans did (though you must admit tat French, Dutch and Spanish help was necessary).  The English and early-American (they were most certainly from the British tradition) insistance on gun ownership stemmed primarily from the essentially illegitimate nature of the State in their time; the monarch and the Lords (and bishops) were unelected and unresponsive to the popular will. What would justify the use of arms against officers of an American government now, if they were duly and rightfully elected by the people? Do you relly think it could be more successful that the moral suasion ofagenuinely popular movement? Was it arms that brought down the Eastern Bloc tyrannies? Egypt? Can any amount of domestic armament overthrow someone as ruthless and immoral as Assad or Kaddhafi? Do you think that if every Chinese so inclined had an assault weapon, they could overthrow the CPC? The moral and social capabilities of American colonists in the 18th century are not what we have now and havingacountry of nostalgics for that great age makes about as much sense as an 18th century full of nostalgics for Elizabethan politics. It’s juvenile, romantic and feckless. As to Savage, he’sabitter old crank,aknave andafool.

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