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Life Advice From Party Down

Like so many other TV shows Party Down was canceled too soon, but not before leaving us with precious gems of invaluable life advice.

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1. Don't let the haters keep you down

2. Be assertive

3. It's important to accentuate your assets / Via

Work with what you got.

4. Live life to the fullest

5. Ask the important questions

6. Confront your fears

7. A little pressure is good

8. But sometimes it's okay to quit

9. Be honest

10. Work hard

11. Try your best

12. But remember to have fun

13. Things can get difficult

14. So give yourself a break

15. Stand up for what you believe in

16. It's okay to fail

17. Just shake it off

18. Be confident

19. Know your strengths

20. And sometimes all you have to do is ask

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