14 Reasons To Listen To The Head And The Heart

Seriously, you should be listening to them.

1. Start by listening to their song “Another Story”

youtube.com / Via Youtube

2. Like What you hear? Now listen to “Rivers and Roads”

youtube.com / Via Youtube

3. Their lyrics are beautiful

4. Not to mention they are a great looking band

5. Because their Instagram is adorable

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6. Actually, they are the cutest

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Don’t you just want to be their best friend?

7. Because they would totally sit back and relax with you

8. Even Jay Leno is enchanted by them

9. Their concerts are magical

10. All these people love them too

11. Because they are playing at Coachella this summer

12. And at The Governors Ball in NYC

13. Not to Mention they are also playing at Bonnaroo

As if they are not cool enough.

14. Finally, they just make great music

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