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    Tunisia's Funny Responses To Wrongful Reports That Stars Wars' Sets Under ISIS Control

    Majors news outlets like CNN and Huffington Post wrongfully reported that Stars Wars' set in Tunisia was now controlled by ISIS; so Tunisians -who know first hand that it's totally untrue- responded the best way the know: by making mèmes and sharing them on social media !

    Twitter user Hédi had the breaking news

    URGENT: Image exclusive d'une attaque djihadiste en cours à Tataouine

    "URGENT: exclusive image of the ongoing djihadist attack on Tataouine!"

    ISIS troops were deployed in town

    #Breaking - #ISIS troops being deployed in #Tataouine -_-

    Then news of the ISIS takeover began to spread in the Galaxy

    After the destruction of the Death star, Another bad news for the Empire..

    Sharia started to be enforced

    #Tatooine ...le niqab déjà obligatoire ...

    "#Tatooine ...the Niqab is now mandatory..."

    And as the new bearded caliph was settling...

    Voici l'émir de Tataouine, un barbu comme vous le voyez

    "Here's Tataouine's Emir, a bearded man as you can see

    ...Tunisian rebellion started to regroup

    URGENT : #Tunisia's invest zillions in new weapons to fight #ISIS cc @CNN @Le_Figaro @Slatefr @20Minutes

    Western aliens started to get scared

    Ce rassemblement djihadiste annuel en #Tunisie fait froid dans le dos. Brrrr.

    "This annual jihadist gathering in #Tunisia is chilling. brrrr"

    A huge mosque was built

    View of the great mosque of #Wilayet_Mos_Espa #Tatooine #Tunisia cc @ishaantharoor @washingtonpost

    And as usual, ISIS produced new propaganda videos

    R2D2 to be beheaded by C-3PO #Tatooine #Tunisia #Wilayet_Mos_Espa cc @ishaantharoor @washingtonpost

    Joking aside, ISIS doesn't control any part of Tunisia!

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    And the only danger that the Star Wars sets are facing is from the desert dunes advancing, as the people from the "Save Mos Espa" project can tell you

    But CNN used "Star Wars" in their title as a clicking bait (wonder where they learned such a technique? *wink*) and all other major media outlets jumped on it, misinterpreted it and blew it out of proportion without verifying anything; Or even reading the article!

    Had they read it, they would have found out that saying that the Stars Wars sets were now taken over by ISIS in their subsequent articles is like if Buzzfeed's Alison Vingiano had titled this story about Two Illinois Men Arrested For Conspiring To Help ISIS "ISIS claim Chicago" !

    I wonder how Americans would respond to such an article? Not with humor and trolling I guess...

    But don't just take my word for it...

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