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    The Miss America Story (as Told By Tweets)

    For those of you that aren't quite caught up on the Miss America story, this is what has transpired and how the world is reacting to it.

    The story so far...

    No. Wait. Nvm. Racism happened (again)

    and they were confused with people who were just mad their fav candidate didn't win.

    because she sounds pretty bad ass

    Anyway, besides the hate and racism on Twitter...

    There were people who were genuinely happy and others who were kinda meh. This list is about those people. Not the haters or the racist people, because they're like stray cats. If you feed them, they keep coming back.

    1. New Yorkers are pretty stoked


    she's like, Really New York

    2. Princesses were happy.

    3. The Pew Research Center was happy

    4. Miss California shunned the racists

    5. This long-lost relative WAS VERY EXCITED

    6. Celebrities were pretty stoked

    7. Brunettes were like yay!!

    8. People with eyes were very pleased.

    9. People from the South were happy too

    10. People who like Indian people more than guns were very pleased

    11. Indian people were cautiously optimistic

    Hari Kondabolu brings up a good point

    Okay, maybe not ALL Indian people were pleased

    12. Space... People (?) were happy too

    13. Mr. Sass over here...

    14. This lady who didn't even care

    15. This guy who thinks unless your name is John Smith, you don't "go here"...

    He better watch out bc everyone has a friend like Pam Myers

    16. If it looks like an American and talks like an American...

    17. This guy who really just cares about Nina's well being

    18. *sigh* he got very misinterpreted, I think.

    19. This guy who thinks Miss Kansas should have won because she "speaks Chinese"

    I agree, bro.

    20. People who aren't really Arab, but look like they could be.


    Exactly, Hari. Exactly.