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Animals Who Just Need An Afternoon Nap

These animals don't want to attend the afternoon briefing meeting either, they'd rather go back home and sink into bed.

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It's 2PM and you're starting to get sleepy at work.

Your coworkers have been yawning all day.


Since you're such a sympathetic person, you yawn even more.

In the line to use the copier....

In the middle of a meeting....

You're totally present in the conference room...

...physically, at least.

But in reality you're dreaming of how you smooth out your sheets...

...and how you fluff your pillows before you lay on them...

...and you just want to dive into bed.

Your bed would be so comfortable.

You'd quickly you fall into blissful sleep.

Oh crap, did anyone notice I dozed off?

Better stumble to the break room for some coffee.

Then come back to this awesome, fun meeting.

Stifle all the burgeoning yawns...

Oh yeah, totally listening... TPS reports...

Quarterly sales analysis is due... got it...

Omg you almost fell off the table.

Must. Mute. All. Yawns.

Must. Make. It. To. 5pm.

You made it! Now go home and relax!

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