Get Along Shirt Goes Viral

Best “Get Along Shirt” pictures featuring children who give 0 fs and the truly remorseful

Remorse level: 5

Remorse level: 2

Remorse level: Averaged out to about 3.7

Excitement level for mom who made the shirt and annotated it: 10+

Remorse level: 9.9? Awww :( They really are sorry.

Remorse level: 8

Remorse level: Averaged out to about 0.76

Remorse level: 0. Zilch. They really don’t look sorry at all. In fact, they might like this “punishment” making it very ineffective.

I don’t know if this is supposed to be a punishment, but I’m sure the happiness is fake. This is torture.

Let’s get a professional photographer to capture this moment…

This is tight, mom. And really not funny. Stop taking pictures.

Remorse level: Non-existent. Why? The shirt isn’t even labeled!!!!

Please separate us. We are sorry. Can’t you tell?? What kind of monster is smiling and “liking” this?

YOU are. Like!!!

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