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Stop What You're Doing And Take A One-Minute Break

To remind you of how precious each moment is in this life you're living.

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Do you ever just take a minute?

To pause and find peace

Just that place you go to think

Your place of solitude

Where you can dive into nature

See what nature has built for you

Figure out how color runs through your life

Notice how time passes by without telling you

Marvel at the light in the world?

Or are you always in a hurry?

Always rushing to get somewhere

As fast as you can

Do you ever pause to be free?

Maybe when you're stuck somewhere

Or when nature's majesty manifests in full force

Maybe make a wish

Remember to say hello to long-lost friends?

Enjoy the perfect moments of happiness

And cherish the time that passes by

Just you and the elements

The only music is the sound of gushing water

Where beauty is all around

And happiness isn't as ever-elusive

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