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31 Stages Of Taking The Bar Exam

If your feelings are a toxic combination of fear, dread, and uncertainty, you are not alone.

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1. Walk in on the morning of the first day.

2. Look around to see how everyone seems to be holding up.

3. The proctors start to hand out the test booklet.

4. The test begins.

Breathing exercises commenced

5. Realizing the first essay is a topic you absolutely hate:

6. Having to struggle and stumble your way to the end:

7. During the lunch break, everyone is insufferable.

8. You can't believe people are discussing the test.

9. Coming back for the afternoon session.

Feel pretty deflated.

10. Run into more trouble.

What is G in my stupid mnemonic?!

11. Done with the first day.

What WAS that?

12. When you go out to get some food, people stare because you look like crap.

13. That night, you try to forget about the first day.

14. Calming yourself for the next day. It will be much better.

15. Until you spot some topics you swear they never even talked about in bar prep.

16. The one topic you hate... 12 multiple choice questions. Really?

17. Seriously, why?

18. Second day was not as great as you hoped.

19. You look really bummed after the test and your friends are worried.

20. You can't help it and you shed a tear with your law school BFF.

She understands

21. You feel really lost.

22. It's the third day and you're exhausted.

23. Why didn't they test on all that stuff you studied sooo hard?

24. The last session seems to go on forever.

You feel like David after the dentist, only less cute and less stoned.

25. But you keep at it.

26. At the end of the last day, you're done and you should be happy, but it's not happening.

27. People text you: "Congrats! You're done! Celebrate!"

28. Celebrate? Fun? Outside? You don't want any part in that.

29. People try to tell you to calm down, how they felt the same way, but they passed.

"SHUT UP! You don't know how I feel!"

(Even though you know they totally do because they took the bar last year.)

30. You start seriously proclaiming your plans to study for the February bar.

31. Until November rolls around, and WTF?! You PASSED?!!

All that worry for nothing.

So... cheer up and skip all those unnecessary stages!

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