30 Things Everyone Goes Through When They’re Fasting

September 9 marks the last day of Paryushan, the super hardcore fasting week for Jains. With Yom Kippur occurring just a few days later, it’s like fasting is in the air.

1. Chewing on fingers.

Toes if you’re flexible enough.

2. Dreaming of fast food.

BK Veggie… yyuummmm

3. Staring at empty plates and glassware.

You will soon be full of food.

4. Pretending you’re lost in a desert

There are no supplies. Will magically acquire supplies at dusk.

5. Smelling food you plan to eat.

Monday night. It’s going to be you and me, entire tub of ice cream. We’re going at it.

6. Almost giving in.

Must. Stay. Strong.

7. Trying to eat paper.

8. Staring at food.

I miss you, friend.

9. Gathering all the food you plan to eat.

10. Being grateful for those moments when you’re not craving food.

11. Noticing how weird people look when they eat.

12. Drop kicking food to stop yourself from eating it.

It was tempting me.

13. Considering eating weird things.

Okay, so not everyone does this…

14. Angrily chewing on random things

While praying, of course.

15. Asking yourself whether soap counts as food.

16. Dreaming of watermelon

Really…. this happens a lot.

Maybe that’s just me.

17. Thinking about world hunger.

Realizing people feel like this involuntarily.

18. Appreciating little things.

Like tomatoes. I miss you, tomato.

19. Understanding the meaning of self-control

20. Breaking a fast because you find out you’re pregnant

Okay, this happened once to a friend, so let’s mark it as an exception.

21. Considering eating grass.

22. Missing your favorite foods.

For me, that’s bananas

You can say I’m bananas for bananas. I wouldn’t even be mad.

and watermelon

Did I mention I like watermelon?

23. Licking a chopstick.

24. Licking anything

25. Having less energy than usual.

26. Figuring out why patience is a virtue.

27. Preparing to finally eat…

28. Forgetting how to yogurt.

Or whatever you break your fast with.

29. Binge eating after the fast

More poptarts please!

30. Forgetting your manners


31. Bonus: Having a great time breaking fast with family and friends

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