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    26 Things That Cats Have Outgrown

    No thank you to all-nighters, binge drinking, and bad decisions.

    1. Wearing uncomfortable but "cool" outfits.

    2. Not eating fruit.

    3. Going out.

    4. Being afraid of differences.

    5. Poor personal hygiene.

    6. Waiting for someone to pay attention.

    7. Binge drinking.

    8. Not initiating a hug.

    9. Letting friends make bad decisions.

    10. Chasing futile goals.

    11. Hating their parents.

    12. Hiding from responsibilities.

    13. Scrutinizing their own flaws.

    14. Playing hard to get.

    15. Thinking younger siblings are annoying.

    16. Pretentious clubs.

    17. Waiting to show someone you love just how much you love them.

    18. Freaking out over what someone said over social media.

    19. Eating lots of candy.

    20. All these new toys.

    21. Hating books.

    22. Figuring out new technology.

    23. Pool parties.

    24. Parental criticism.

    25. Disliking babies.

    26. Thinking that being holed up in a room is lame.

    Growing up is scary.