26 Things That Cats Have Outgrown

No thank you to all-nighters, binge drinking, and bad decisions.

1. Wearing uncomfortable but “cool” outfits.

I make my own sense of fashion. IDC IDC IDC what you say.

2. Not eating fruit.

Dude. Antioxidants.

3. Going out.

Outside? Why? We can’t stay home? It’s Friday night though!

4. Being afraid of differences.

I will be friends with whoever I get along with. Screw what everyone else says.

5. Poor personal hygiene.

Showers are great. Cleanliness is awesome.

6. Waiting for someone to pay attention.

I’m totally fine asking for it. Love me, please. Now.

7. Binge drinking.

Unless its milk. Milk is awesome.

8. Not initiating a hug.

9. Letting friends make bad decisions.

Yes, I hid your keys, you punk. I’m not letting you drive drunk.

10. Chasing futile goals.

I’m 29. I’m not going to be a Victoria’s Secret model.

11. Hating their parents.


12. Hiding from responsibilities.

If I get it done now, I can do more later!

13. Scrutinizing their own flaws.

Is that a white hair? Good. I’m going to rock it. Its WISDOM.

14. Playing hard to get.

No, I’ll make the first move. Ain’t nobody got time fo that.

15. Thinking younger siblings are annoying.

No one worships me anymore :(

16. Pretentious clubs.

DJs don’t make real music. Sorry.

17. Waiting to show someone you love just how much you love them.

I will cuddle you to death for no reason on a Monday night. Watch out.

18. Freaking out over what someone said over social media.


19. Eating lots of candy.

Ugh. No thanks.

20. All these new toys.

What happened to legos?

21. Hating books.

Reading is awesome.

22. Figuring out new technology.

I just learnt that other… grrr….

23. Pool parties.


24. Parental criticism.


25. Disliking babies.

They’re … not… that bad. Maybe I want my own. Not right now, but someday.

26. Thinking that being holed up in a room is lame.

It’s the best. Gimme a cuddle buddy and I might never leave.

Growing up is scary.

Sometimes I don’t even know myself anymore, but I like the new me more.

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