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    26 More Animals Who Are Total Divas

    A previous post shed light on the hardships a diva faces, but the problem is much more pervasive than believed.

    1. Oh thank you so much for these flowers that I am deathly allergic to

    2. I can tolerate only very specific types of people

    3. Sometimes I can't even look at these walking fashion disasters

    4. I told you I didn't want to walk.

    5. Make sure you get ALL the stray hair

    6. When will I find a masseuse that is worth a damn?

    7. Please. No touching. Seriously. Ew.

    8. Hug? No... I don't do that.

    9. Ugh these public restrooms again

    10. These cheap party decorations are hideous

    11. Enough with the pictures

    12. How many times do I have to show you?

    13. Others are still around? I'm going back inside.

    I will hide forever if I have to.

    14. Maybe if I ignore this *thing*, it will go away

    No. It just follows me everywhere.

    15. Just because you're small and cute doesn't mean I like you

    16. This is the WRONG TP

    17. Yay... dancing in the club surrounded by sweat and grime

    18. This cheap acrylic set is so annoying

    19. I hate your shoes

    20. Stay out of my belongings!

    21. What is this?! 600 thread count?

    22. You were in my way

    23. You want me to meet your friends?

    24. I can't stand associating with common people

    25. Your toys bore me

    26. Is the maid doing my laundry right?