21 Things Furloughed Pandas Can Do During The Government Shutdown

So much time to do all those panda things they never get to do.

1. Enjoy an afternoon siesta

2. Share a laugh with a friend

3. Play without a care in the world

5. Clean. Compulsively.

6. Really taste what they’re eating

7. Take a long bath

Or even hop in the pool

8. Take a nap outside

9. Remember everyone’s birthdays

11. Spend time with loving family

12. Enjoy some time with their friends

13. Take pointless selfies

14. Mess around their siblings

15. Take the stairs

16. Contemplate life

17. Go for a long ride

18. Eat a sandwich at the park

People watch while they eat

19. Attend to the garden

20. Yell at people who want to discuss politics

21. Spend some QT with themselves

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