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    21 Things Furloughed Pandas Can Do During The Government Shutdown

    So much time to do all those panda things they never get to do.

    1. Enjoy an afternoon siesta

    2. Share a laugh with a friend

    3. Play without a care in the world

    4. Enjoy nature

    5. Clean. Compulsively.

    6. Really taste what they're eating

    7. Take a long bath

    Or even hop in the pool

    8. Take a nap outside

    9. Remember everyone's birthdays

    10. Cuddle.

    11. Spend time with loving family

    12. Enjoy some time with their friends

    13. Take pointless selfies

    Sexy selfies ;)

    14. Mess around their siblings

    15. Take the stairs

    16. Contemplate life

    17. Go for a long ride

    18. Eat a sandwich at the park

    People watch while they eat

    19. Attend to the garden

    20. Yell at people who want to discuss politics

    21. Spend some QT with themselves